Welcome to my BLOG! A place for me to share how I see the world “Out My Window.” It is also an opportunity to share some of the stories as I remember them from my family history. Stories of family, church, and life.

Why now?you might ask. “What’s going on that moves you to want to put yourself out there for the world to read and see?”

Good question. The answer is: I am restless! Perhaps it is the PANDEMIC, or maybe politics, or simply the fact that as I age I am aware that what I know and what I have experienced and am experiencing might be of interest to family, friends, and others who are interested.

I would like to think that as I enter into this JOURNEY I will be able to master the craft. My computer skills are limited especially with designing the BLOG and adding content. In the beginning this will be a mess! Still, with the help of family (some of whom are very skilled in computer wizardry) I am hopeful BLOG will become more attractive and readable from a design standpoint.

Of course, I take all responsibility for this site and its content. I will protect the identity of those involved in the stories I tell or check with them first to make sure I have their permission to use their name.

So, we are off to the races! Stay tuned! There a story coming your way soon!